Zero-G item code: ZG-133

Taco Gorter : Drums, production. Charley Dumerniet : Production, engineering, editing. Jasper de Boer : Production, engineering. Erwin Klaassen : Editing & drum track mastering. DVD - ROM. Kontakt / REX / WAV. Over 1.3 Gigabytes of samples.


Yinka - " Fruit Suga "

Coast to coast records CTC-2990459

Yinka Adesina - vocals, Alex Oele - bass, Berthil Busstra - keyboards, Peter Scholtens - guitar, Taco Gorter - drums, Sandra Sahupala - percussion and backingvocals, Jacob Kid Sublime - beatmaker, Simone Roerade - backingvocals, Brian Zalmijn - backingvocals, Jimmy Rage - spoken word. This album was recorded at "The Chant Room", Amsterdam. Produced and mixed by Yinka Adesina, Alex Oele and Peter Scholtens. Mastered by Peter van 't Riet at Sound Factory.


Music For Cocktails Part 4

United recordings UTD8012

Music for Cocktails Part 4 is a profound selection of first class pop, lounge, house and jazz tracks. Artists included vary from Moloko to Billy Holiday and Sarah Vaughn and from nu soul star Bilal to Heather Nova. Naturally, some excellent Dutch productions are included. What about ROSE, Praful, FLORiS, Adani & Wolf and Water.


Floris - " Drunk on life "

United Recordings UTD5005

Floris Klinkert - keys,samples,vocals Dedre Twiss - vocals Carmen van den Brakel - vocals Ralph Mulder- vocals Jaco Benckhuijsen - keys Taco Gorter - drums
David de Marez-Oyens - bass Stef van Es - guitar
Milan Bonger - sax Jurjen Soeting - violin
Floris van Hest - violin Teije Hylkema - cello
All tracks recorded, mixed & produced by Floris at home in the New music movement studio, Amsterdam.


Triba - " Living in a world "

Richard Pattiselanno - guitar, Rick van Hek - piano + synth, Nancy van Hek - vocals, Taco Nieuwenhuizen -bass,  Enrique Firpi / Taco Gorter - drums, Cyrille Oswald - saxophone / flute, Mike Booth - trumpet / flugelhorn,



  Hypnoclan - "The Millenniumbug"

Syndicaat live session with Taco Gorter - drums, Nicko Christianse - sax and vocals, Thys Vlaszaty - bass, Erik de Boer - keyboards and Sheikh Agmed Tigen Samba - voice of Gambia.




Bernhard Reinke's Rollercoaster - " Moving images " Via Records 9921122

Bernhard Reinke - electric guitar, Taco Gorter - drums, percussion, Arthur Rombouts - keyboards, Erik Schoonderwoerd - electric bass.


Bernhard Reinke's Rollercoaster - "Under your skin"
Timeless CD SJP 438
Bernhard Reinke - guitarErik Schoonderwoerd - bass
Taco Gorter - drums and percussion Berthil Busstra - keyboards
Recorded at Mdr-studio, Aalsmeer, Holland. Recording date 7-12 april 1996. Recording engineers: Rini van der Brink and Danny Hooper. Mixed at Mdr-studio,may 1996. Mastered at Farm sound studios, Heelsum, Holland. Produced by Erik Schoonderwoerd and Bernhard Reinke. Executive producer Wim Wigt. A&R Timeless Ria Wigt. Art direction/design Dolphin graphics. Photography, cover by Simon Wijsenbeek, inside by Bob Negrijn